Spoke Route Guides

There are a variety of ways that the routes can be documented and this section collates together different views of the individual routes that may be of interest to potential cyclists.

1. The most useful is the Viewranger gpx file that is linked to the description of each ride under the main menu options. For anyone possessing a GPS device with appropriate maps (I use a Garmin Edge Explore with an OpenCycleMap custom layer on it), then this will navigate all the turns with ease.

2. However this will not provide a feel of the route for planning. Instead, for this I have provided Poster Maps. These are intended to illustrate the route and provide an indication of trail conditions, cafes and key points of interest on a single page.

3. For those wanting a more audio-visual description of the route and its key sites, I am producing a Flyover video which includes a commentary on and pictures of the most interesting locations that are passed on route. This is based on fly-throughs produced by the OS Maps web site and are hosted on my YouTube channel.

4. Not everyone will be able to use the gpx files whilst cycling the route. Given that the Poster Maps are not intended to be used for navigation, I am also producing turn-based route sheets that can be printed out to be taken on the day.

5. Finally a route description booklet will bring together detailed maps, the historical sights, photographs and turn-based directions into a single document.

Note that I am only intending to publish these once they have been checked, so they will appear gradually on the site under the heading for each spoke. Please check back regularly for updates.

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