CTC 1953 Tour Part 4 – The Valley of the Doubs

The final section of the CTC tour was to follow the river Doubs along the Franco-Swiss border to Delle and the train back to England. The Doubs winds it’s way from its source near Mouthe to its confluence with the Saone taking 430km to flow 90km as the crow flies.

To get to the river, firstly there was a short section from the overnight stop at Les Hopitaux-Neufs to Pontalier. This goes through a clues – a transverse notch cut by the river through the Jurassian mountains, overlooked by the Fort du Lamont and the Chateux de Joux. Pontalier itself was a separate republic until conquered by France in the 17th century.

Beyond Pontalier, the tour followed the river to reach Villers-Le-Lac where an overnight stop allowed boats trips on the lac de Chaillexon to view the Saut de Doubs waterfalls. Here the river falls 27m over a natural dam created by a landslide into the reservoir formed by the Chatellot dam.

From Villers, they headed again into Switzerland through La Chaux-de-Fonds, the biggest watch and clock-making centre in Switzerland before entering France again for another overnight stop at Charquemont, leaving the Doubs behind.

For the final day, they cut across the neck of a huge loop in the Doubs, rejoining it at St-Hippolytus, following it now upstream to the Swiss border where it left the river for the final time to head to Porrentruy with its old buildings. Finally they crossed the border at Delle where their train awaited.

The tour spent three days following the Doubs – these can be accessed by clicking on the pictures below.

Day 11: Les-Hopitaux-Neufs to Villers-le-Lac
Day 13: Charquemont to Delle
Day 12: Villers-le-Lac to Charquemont
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