Touring Jordan Day 6: Wadi Rum

Having spent a comfortable night in the glamping, we got up early for a Jeep ride. The Jeeps headed off south into the desert, heading into the canyons of Wadi Rum. The cliffs had been shaped by wind and water and despite being made of sandstone gave the appearance of limestone, with holes made byContinue reading “Touring Jordan Day 6: Wadi Rum”

Touring Jordan Day 5: Petra to Wadi Rum

Two days ago we left Petra to head for Wadi Rum. The coach took us up through the village to reach the ridge above it and along to a viewpoint over the valley and the Petra reserve from where we collected the bikes. Traveling along the traditional line of the Kings Highway, traffic was generallyContinue reading “Touring Jordan Day 5: Petra to Wadi Rum”

Touring Jordan Day 4: Petra and Little Petra

Today was our second day in Petra and we had the morning free for exploration with an afternoon cycle to Little Petra. Whilst leaving at the same time as yesterday, we soon distanced the crowds who were stopping frequently for the guides, and heading down the Siq almost on our own at times. We soonContinue reading “Touring Jordan Day 4: Petra and Little Petra”

Touring Jordan Day 2: Shobak to Little Petra

So we arrived at the hotel last night in darkness – it was a pleasant surprise this morning to wake up to see the Crusader Castle of Shobak across the valley. It was built by the Crusader king Baldwin I in 1115 and withstood numerous attacks from the armies of Saladin before succumbing in 1189Continue reading “Touring Jordan Day 2: Shobak to Little Petra”

Touring Jordan Day 1: Madaba to the Dead Sea

I find myself in Jordan on a cycling tour. Very much a last minute booking – it’s organised by Explore Travel, and a couple of friends from previous trips are on it with me. The group assembled this morning in the hotel lobby in Madaba, having caught a variety of flights in. Thankfully everyone hadContinue reading “Touring Jordan Day 1: Madaba to the Dead Sea”

Cycling England Day 12: Ambleside to Carlisle

So we’ll rested, the group set off on our last day together with myself heading for Carlisle station and the rest of the group heading for Bonnie Scotland and John O’Groats. The day dawned wet, but by 9am, it was just a drizzle and the waterproofs were packed away after the first climb, not toContinue reading “Cycling England Day 12: Ambleside to Carlisle”

Cycling England Day 10: Garstang to Ambleside

The hills of Lancashire and Cumbria beckoned, the weather was set fair, so spirits were high as we set off from Garstang on a cool but dry Sunday morning. Our first challenge was to cycle to Scorton to pick up the rest of the party who had stayed there overnight. Reunited, we set off butContinue reading “Cycling England Day 10: Garstang to Ambleside”

Cycling England Day 9: Warrington to Garstang

A day of two parts. The first cutting through the urbanized sprawl of Lancashire before rolling through pastoral fields to reach Garstang. The corridor between Liverpool and Manchester is a mix of dormitory suburbs, older towns and of course major roads and motorways. The group reformed from their various accommodations on the northern side ofContinue reading “Cycling England Day 9: Warrington to Garstang”

Cycling England Day 8: Market Drayton to Warrington

So I thought I’d had my fair share of mechanical issues and was looking forward to a trouble free ride to Ambleside, until just after Market Drayton, there was a loud twang and one of my reflectors flew across the road. A quick inspection revealed that one of my spokes had snapped 🙁 Fortunately weContinue reading “Cycling England Day 8: Market Drayton to Warrington”

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