Touring Jordan Day 4: Petra and Little Petra

Today was our second day in Petra and we had the morning free for exploration with an afternoon cycle to Little Petra.

Whilst leaving at the same time as yesterday, we soon distanced the crowds who were stopping frequently for the guides, and heading down the Siq almost on our own at times.

The Siq

We soon reached the Treasury which was still lit up by the morning sunshine.

The Treasury

Heading on we took the path up to the Royal Tombs which we had only seen from a distance yesterday. These four impressive edifices and set some way up the valley side and have been carved out from a particularly decorative strata of sandstone. Whilst the colours are stunning, it does weather more easily as can be seen below.

Of particular interest in these tombs are the straight edges and right angled corners that have been carved seemingly perfectly from solid rock.

Inside a Royal tomb

The views from the elevated platforms of the tombs are spectacular, taking in the valley, the Theatre and the distant hills.

Following that we headed back to the town to prepare for the afternoon cycle. This retraced our route of Monday back to Little Petra to see a Nabatean Way Station hidden in a narrow canyon. This secure trade caravan overnight stop contained dining and sleeping rooms (a triclinium), several temples and a pub. It would have been easily defensible with narrow openings at either end.

Nabatean Waystation

Having looked round the sight we retraced our route back to Petra and with stunning views visible over the Petra Park.

Goats in Petra

The evening was then spent enjoying a candlelit walk through Petra back to the Treasury where we were treated to a show from a traditional singer, flautist and storyteller before heading back.

Petra by Night

Another enjoyable day with a longer ride to Wadi Rum tomorrow

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